Welcome to Mississippi Heritage - African American Influence

The Mississippi Heritage AAI App is the educational hub for learning about the historically significant African American influence in Mississippi. Download the app to learn and explore – and then come visit the many featured historic sites and museums!


Mission Statement: Sharing centralized access to Mississippi African American Influences

The MS Heritage-The African American Influence Corporation will provide support to communities, schools, and other institutions for individuals who desire to discover, learn, tour, and share the influence of MS African Americans.  There is simply so much information that it has to be portioned and made accessible. MS Heritage The African American Corporation provides a solutions by centralizing and making this contribution accessible. The corporation believes that every generation has its mark in history, therefore we must expose and inform each individual by providing information and past wisdom shared throughout time. As long as we allow the history to be trapped in the people, the people will forever be trapped in history. So let it not be said that our history past without being explored by the coming generation.


Vision Statement

The goal is to make the connections required for individuals, families, businesses, and social groups to learn and enjoy the ongoing progression of African American culture and history. The components of our shared interest are the unique characters that make us reliable and connected. The frustration of displaced and non-centralized African American history and culture as keep America’s families, businesses, and social groups unaware of the beauty and value of the African American legacy for far too long.