Buy Black MS

Buy Black MS program will support black owned business by creating a collective market space for consumers and producers. It allow producers to cross market by share a common space while providing a unique path to African American products and services. It will also help eradicate the 6hrs circulation of the African American dollar to increase at least to one day. It will also invite the world’s market to uniquely created products and services that you can only find in the African American market. These development will also provide opportunity for future investments and profit sharing partnerships. Once full operational it will help drive down common products and services cost without impacting quality or accountability. MS is known for its art forms and crafts to name one area that has great potential for distribution and manufacturing but are not accessible in a common market space. There are countless products and services that can be marketed around the world here in MS that never get the opportunity to engage the global market because there is no unique market space and medium to share these great contributions.  

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