Thank you, for being a Donor of the Mississippi Heritage-The African American Influence {MS Heritage AAI} programs or one of our many community activities. MS Heritage AAI is a 501C3 approved organization.

There are several benefits for being a Donor of our ongoing activities and programs:

Allows you to be involved in one of the most accessible culturally inspired movements and progressive marketing platform. We believe that there will not be a culture without the people, so we are aimed to fully invest in providing access and awareness to the people. The history and culture of Mississippi is trapped in the people and the people of Mississippi are trapped in the history. Both the people and the history are free to the world with Mississippi Heritage-The African American Influence. There has never been such great interest in social and cultural awareness like it is today. Social media and internet access has made the world both smaller and accessible, which has led to an awakening of social and cultural awareness. The world is now eagerly engaging social and culture exchange without hesitation. Because of the social and culture awareness, there is a great need for Mississippi African American contribution to be centralized and accessible.

There are several ways to support the Mississippi Heritage- The African American Influence:

• Donors Level

• Donate money to support future access to the mobile app at no charge to subscribers

• Offer MS Heritage AAI Subscribers a discount on merchandise or services

• Donate products/services to MS Heritage AAI to be raffled at a Donor events

• Donate money to become an event Donor and provide volunteer support at an event

• Donate products or services for a related historical schools, colleges, and library.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts on Donorship and would love to discuss any creative ideas you have.

Please take a few minutes and review the material contained in this Donorship package.

You will find the following items:

MS Heritage AAI Fact Sheets

MS Heritage AAI Donorship Level Opportunities

MS Heritage AAI Donorship Program Agreement Form

Thank you,

Hermon T. Cotton